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About Us

Mt Zion Vision Statement

A vision of a church with Jesus Christ as its Leader, its center and its Lord. A church that Praises its Father for the gift of His Precious Son, in the power of the Spirit. A church that is truly a house of worship. Where Prayer is a priority. A church with a desire to know God's word and to live it out. A church unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, one that proclaims God's word from the rooftop, and whispers grace in the ear of a world in great need. Where Love is real and everyone is invited to experience it. A church where families grow strong, where children are treated as a Blessing, not bothers, Where youth are discipled in a manner to grow them into future kingdom leaders, where marriages are mended, a place of healing. A church that stands for the cast down, whose mission takes it outside the four walls of the church, taking Jesus to its community, its region, and to the darkest corners and even to the ends of the Earth.

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